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The Brockville Climate Action Group would like to have "composting toilets" as the theme of its public presentation in late July, discussing the options, requirements and effectiveness of both homemade and commercially-available toilets. Does anyone know of a speaker who might be able to knowledgeably address these?  Or refer us to someone who might know someone? ...

Many thanks,


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Hi Hugh,

I don't know of any speakers, but I know that the Carp Ridge Eco Wellness Centre uses composting toilets in some of their buildings. Perhaps you might connect with somewhere there?

Hope you find someone!
I've just added an event by the 'Compost Council of Canada': they are holding their annual conference in Ottawa in September. You could try contacting them for leads. Here's their website.
Thanks very much, Amber and John, for these pointers. I'll get digging!


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