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I love reading. I look at e-readers and drool at the prospect of a light reader that has 99 cent books.

I am researching the carbon footprint which is why I am fighting temptation.

I have read that if you read 23 e-books, the e-reader becomes carbon neutral. However, I can't find much information on the end of life impact on the environment. I also know lots of people who have had 3 or 4 e-readers already -- designed for the dump, I am guessing.

Books made today will last a few decades, but are not produced to last for much longer than that. They also take energy to produce.

I would love to hear other thoughts on the sustainability of e-readers.

For now, I shall drool, pout from time to time about ethics interfering with my fun, and try desperately not to look for loopholes that will justify a new toy that perhaps can't really be justified.


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Here's an article on the subject.  / jd

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