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Hey all, came across this: 


In the US:

Did you know that you can borrow items from nice folks in your area?,  Instead of buying, storing, and rarely using household items, I can share them with my neighbors! 

This is a good first step to reduce consumerism, eh! 

For more info, check out this blog article:


It would be cool to see if there is something similar setup in Canada, and if we could use our organisations to promote it. 


Always thought that it is silly for each person to have their own  snowblower/lawnmower, etc., there should be max one per block.


Also, is a neighbor to neighbor car-sharing.

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Excellent idea!   Wouldn't it be great to have a communal shed for the block!
This looks like a great idea:)  Now, just to get the neighbours involved!
A way to do this is to create a list of tools neighbours in a defined area (a street block?) would be willing to lend to each other. Then circulate the list of tools to those in the defined area along with the name, address and phone number. Perhaps organize the list by theme. I did this on my street (Daniel Ave in Westboro) some 10 years ago. It didn't take off, perhaps because I didn't follow/promote it as much as I should have, or maybe because the time was not ripe. Now may be.

check this out a Tool library where you can borrow tool just for the community 



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