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Old Ottawa South Website Posts Invitation to Transition Ottawa


I have taken the liberty to copy the text of the March 25th newsletter that invites Ottawa South to start a sustainable living group to our website:

I also recommend that someone from Transition Ottawa and/or SLOE or SLOWest offer to come and speak to an Old Ottawa South Community Association (OSCA) board meeting: email

Finally, I welcome any articles I can publish on our website (and possibly the OSCAR, our community newspaper) that would be of interest to readers in Old Ottawa South, including a more detailed appeal to form a group:

Gwen Gall
OSCA Web Editor

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Hi Gwen:

We are hoping that one of the Ottawa South members of Transition Ottawa (or anyone from Ottawa South) will get in touch with us, offering to take the lead on setting up a first meeting. We can help put them in touch with the other TO members who live in Ottawa South. And you could post notice of the meeting on your website and if timing is right, an article/announcement in OSCAR. We can also get the word out through a number of other groups (e.g., the Mid-town Footbridge folks).

In the meantime, I've emailed OSCA to follow up on your recommendation. Bill Shields and I are happy to help out with presentations based on our experiences in SLOE and SLOWest respectively.

I'm really excited about the possibility of a community-based transition org in our neighbouring community.


Rebecca Aird
Chair, SLOE
Here is the original article on this that appeared in Transition Ottawa NEWS March 25 2010:

Ottawa South Ready for Transition?

Given the number of Transition Ottawa members that hail from there, Ottawa South may be ripe for a new community-based "sustainable living" group, similar to those up and running in Ottawa East and Ottawa West.
If anyone from Ottawa South would like to host an exploratory meeting, please contact us. Founding members from SLOE (Sustainable Living Ottawa East) and SLOWest (Sustainable Living Ottawa West) would be happy to attend to share their experience so far.

Newsletter is here.

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