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Vote for Old Ottawa South in "Great Places In Canada" along with South March Highlands

(Note: I'm writing this as a private citizen of Old Ottawa South, no affiliation with any organization. Resident of Old Ottawa South and citizen of Ottawa)

Please vote for the South March Highlands in the "Great Places in Canada" contest, but at the same time help to save it from urban sprawl by voting for the Old Ottawa South neighbourhood, too. It's a walkable, sustainable neighbourhood under threat from "inappropriate infill"--we all want appropriate densification--not developer profit grab. Vote for both: one to save the other (and our other urban gems like OOE and the Glebe)! BTW, they do not compete: one is a "place", the other is a "neighbourhood". Vote for both and explain why in the Comments. Don't let them chop down our "urban lungs" and fill our walkable old 'hoods with suburb-style townhouses built to the limits of the property lines and asphalt for parking instead of front porches and old oak trees...and vote often! You can vote approx. once an hour until Feb. 29 (midnight). Do it for the City, the country, the planet. Thanks!

South March Highlands:

Old Ottawa South:

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