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Transition Ottawa is an informal place where those interested in a more sustainable, more self-reliant way of living, can gather to exchange ideas, share resources, learn from what others are doing, become inspired, encourage each other, and come together as part of the larger 'Transition' network. It is a grand and ambitious social experiment.


Our About section will help orient you and provide basic information about this network. Here you will find:


Resources is where you'll find loads of resources—in particular,


You can search for members of Transition Ottawa and contact them at the Members area, and invite new members here.

Discussion forums

Read and participate in our on-going discussion groups, or start your own.

Join or form a group

You can join or form a group here and invite others to join. For example, if you represent a community organization, you may wish to form a group to have greater visibility and presence on the site.


Have an event you would like to publicize? Post it in the Events section.


Blogs reflect more personal views and observations and can be a lively and informative part of the site. Read or post your own here.

News Share

Here you can find links to articles, news stories and radio and TV news reports on subjects of interest to our community. Have an article or news report you'd like to share? Do it here, by providing a title, short description, and a link.


Check out our growing video library here. There are some compelling titles. More are being added continuously. And feel free to add your own.


The site has a fully-functioning chat room for interacting with other online Transition Ottawa members.

Inspiration is infectious

We hope you will be inspired by the site, and we want to be inspired by you! The only thing we ask is that you abide by the rules of common decency in your postings. If you have questions or comments that can't be addressed in the various sections of the site, feel free to contact a member of the steering committee (information to come . . .)

Oh yes, one more thing: Enjoy!

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