Transition Ottawa

Building Community Resilience Through Action

The Transition Ottawa Network for Community-level Initiatives


Who We Are


We are a network of action-oriented locally-based groups focused on sustainability in our own communities. Although some participating groups were formed prior to the establishment of Transition Ottawa, our perspectives, goals and approaches align with the Transition Town model. So Transition Ottawa is a natural home for the network.


The network currently consists of representatives from:


Joining the Network


Representatives of existing like-minded groups, or individuals interested in forming such a group, are welcome to join the network.


Defining Characteristics of Member Groups


Member groups meet the following characteristics:

  1. Focused on sustainability — taking all three dimensions (social, environmental, economic) into account;
  2. Community-based (i.e., operating within defined geographic boundaries that relate to the structure and function of a particular place-based community, not necessarily political boundaries);
  3. Committed to tangible action that can be initiated by those involved (i.e., focused primarily on what we can do here, not on getting others to do what we think they can or should do).


Purpose of the Network


Network members share ideas and experience to support each other’s success, and potentially to develop common resources and programs that member organizations can deliver within their own communities. Members also offer support to individuals interested in establishing a Transition group in their own community.


Workings of the Network


We meet monthly, and are setting up a Google Documents site where minutes will be posted, and other documents can be worked on collaboratively.

Contact SLOE for more information.

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