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Transition Ottawa Formative Group holds first meeting

August 6 2009

Nine people attended the first-ever meeting of the Transition Ottawa Formative Group August 6 to begin the planning process for what is hoped will become a vibrant Transition Town movement here in Ottawa.

Vision and Goals

The group agreed a first objective is to define a set of high-level vision and goals for Transition Ottawa, closely allied to those of the Transition movement but which also take into account the particular circumstances and challenges within the Ottawa area.

Rebecca Aird, Bill Shields and Kaia Nightingale are tasked with coming up with a first draft. The draft will be posted on this web site for comment and input by others.


The group agreed that it is important to provide a strong outreach program so that as many people in Ottawa as possible become aware of the transition town movement, and to encourage a broadly-based participation and commitment to Transition Ottawa. In addition to this web site, the outreach program will include public forums, the first of which is tentatively planned for November 2009. Heather Hamilton will lead the organization of the public forum.

Some general principles

The Transition movement is inherently local and non-hierarchical. Transition Ottawa's role should be as a facilitator, and networker for—and promoter of— the many community- and neighbourhood-based projects around the Ottawa area, and by no means an overseer or coordinator.

The Ottawa area includes the region drained by and south of the Ottawa river. Within this area, and within the city of Ottawa itself, are many towns, villages, communities and neighbourhoods which are engaging in their own Transition initiatives.

An important part of a sustainable future is self reliance and community building.

Next meeting

The Transition Ottawa Formative Group will meet again at a date yet to be decided, most likely near the end of August 2009.


Attending the meeting were: Heather Hamilton, Sarah Dehler, Amber Westfall, Rebecca Aird, Bill Shields, Chris Wilson, Louis Radakir, Kaia Nightingale, Ann Coffey, John Davidson.

For additional information, please contact any of the above participants.

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