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Latest research on plastic

As the spring crop of plastic garbage surfaces from the melting snow, here’s a stark reminder from the No Plastic Project of why we need to use less plastic, refuse single use plastics, and be careful how we dispose of the plastic we can’t avoid: Even more plastic in the oceans than we thought: and corals think it's food.

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Free Energy

In 1938 a William Skinner built a gravity machine that ran his whole workshop.  There is a you tube video of this machine running. He instals a thread for input drive belt to demonstrate how little energy is required to run it.  It has an output that is 1300 X input, so it would be very simple to drive a generator with this machine and feed some of the output power into the small motor that drives the thing.  This is genius engineering.  There is no reason to believe that it does not work…


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Hope for a healthy sustainable future

The best thing to do with feelings of hopeless about the environmental news we’re hearing is to channel it into actions that will help turn things around. Transition Ottawa co-founder Kaia Nightingale has just published “Visions – Co-creating our Future,” full of illustrations, action plans, technology and natural living to inspire us towards a world where we have good standard of living while radically reducing our impact on the environment. We CAN achieve this through streamlining our use…


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Article-In-Progress For PRI Submission for Consideration, Preview Clip; & New Project

Humans-- fundamentally…


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[Archived] Call For Feasibility Investigations: Summer 2014 Trips to Balaclava, ON (Ghost Town-to-Ecovillage?) and/or Bridgetown, NS (Church to Cooperative Housing, Workspace & Community-space?)


The church was sold-- (oddly, apparently for twice the asking price!)-- and there was insufficient interest in either trip-- at least for this summer... Which is in part why I will keep the entry up:…


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recap - March 26, 2014 - Impromptu social

I had a great time at last night's Transition Ottawa Meet Up.

We did an impromptu social since our speaker couldn't make it out. About a dozen people showed up who missed the cancellation message or came anyway.

We went around and had folks introduce themselves and tell others about transition/permaculture related projects they were working on or were interested in.…


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Chemicals in food packaging: Still looking for a reason to avoid plastic?

The No Plastic Project’s latest blog discusses human health risks from chemicals leaching out of Food Contact Materials (that’s packaging, for the rest of us). Read the post, browse our blog, and please pass it on!

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'Plan B' - a new concept corporation.

Presently looking for 49 people in the Greater Ottawa Area (GOA) interested in joining an 'iTeam' (there is an 'i' in 'iTeam'). These sustainable business owners will be the directors of a 'for profit' business that will be a 'Habitat for Sustainable Business'. They will be artist or artisan, people who keep bees, supply firewood, run landscape companies or golf courses Each iTeam member will be required to be resident in the GOA and purchase a $1 share. The…


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Alternatives to Plastic Gift Cards

Plastic gift cards are no gift to the environment, according to the latest No Plastic Project post. As the moment for last-minute gift-buying panic approaches, remind yourself why, and read about other options.

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Imagine Rockcliffe Lands as the First Biophilic Redevelopment Project in Canada!

Rockcliffe Lands (future name to be determined) is a very unique urban property situated along some major green corridors and hopefully CLC and the developers can see this opportunity and will want to take advantage of it.  At one point during the mid-2000's redevelopment, the thought was to make this…


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Alternatives to Plastic Poppies for Remembrance Da

There’s plastic everywhere, even in things we take for granted. Here’s an idea about how to manage a plastic problem that recurs each November.

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Music Videos

Reach For The Dead (from the album, 'Tomorrow's Harvest', by Boards of Canada)



Balding Generation: (Losing Hair As We Lose Hope) (from the album, 'Dying In Time', by port-royal)



Full Moon (from the album, 'The Smallest…


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Our CROWD FUNDING campaign – The Eco Revolution!

Today is THE DAY! ☺

We just launched our CROWD FUNDING campaign – The Eco Revolution!

It would be absolutely amazing if you could SPREAD the WORD or SUPPORT us! We’re giving away PRESENT for every amount you donate – check out our VIDEO, DESCRIPTION, and PERKS (AKA PRESENTS)!!!

Any help is much valued…


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A Conversation with Rob Hopkins: Rob Hopkins Spreading, Deepening, and Emerging Directions of the Transition Movement

"A Conversation with Rob Hopkins: Rob Hopkins Spreading, Deepening, and Emerging Directions of the Transition Movement" - Thursday, March 21, 10:00 to 11:30am Pacific - Sign up here for the free tele-seminar:

Whether you are new to Transition or deeply rooted in the movement, you won't want to miss this opportunity to hear…


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Peak Oil fact of life: Canada losing big $ in oil

“Despite being an important crude oil producer, Canada still has to import more than 40 per cent of the oil it consumes,” said Mr. St-Arnaud, citing a pipeline network that moves crude from the West to the U.S. Midwest, but not to eastern Canada.

“Most of the imported oil comes from OPEC countries or the North Sea, which is priced using the Brent benchmark,” the analyst said in his report, titled “When oil turns against you.”

“Hence, each time the spread between WCS…


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The Gift of Death

Pathological consumption has become so normalised that we scarcely notice it.

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Neighbourhood Connections

We received this from the City of Ottawa today and are passing it along . . .  / jd

The City of Ottawa is pleased to announce the launch of the Neighbourhood Connection Office. La Ville d’Ottawa a le plaisir d’annoncer la création du Bureau des relations avec les quartiers.

You can help us spread the word on this new initiative by including the message…


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Transition Ottawa and OCCN Fall Potluck - Oct 20, 2012

Mark your Calendars!…


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