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Imagine Rockcliffe Lands as the First Biophilic Redevelopment Project in Canada!

Rockcliffe Lands (future name to be determined) is a very unique urban property situated along some major green corridors and hopefully CLC and the developers can see this opportunity and will want to take advantage of it.  At one point during the mid-2000's redevelopment, the thought was to make this…


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Greeks go back to basics as recession bites

In the foothills of Mount Telaithrion on the Greek island of Evia, Mr Sianos and three other like-minded Athenians set up an eco-community.

The idea was to live in an entirely sustainable way, free from the ties of money and cut off from the national electricity grid.

Read more here:

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With Deaths of Forests, a Loss of Key Climate Protectors


From Tar Sands Action Facebook post: The New York Times just published an extensive report on how climate change is killing off forests worldwide. Invasive species, heat and water-stress triggered by climate change is destroying the lungs of our planet.

The scariest message is one we all need to take to heart: we likely don't have much time left. …


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Sustainable Food and Farming

As I am not the one organizing this, I didn't want to add it to the EVENTS page but just in case someone is interested:


October 27 - 29, 2011

Trent University, Peterborough


Bring Food Home 2011 (a conference connection Ontario's leaders in sustainable food and farming)

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Love this Improv Idea!

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The Nut Trees of the Dominion Arboretum Ottawa Canada

Great map by ECSONG - the Eastern Chapter of the Society of Ontario Nut Growers

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Looking for garden space or have some land that you could share?

Don't forget about the online resource Shared Earth that matches gardeners with garden space.  If you can't get into a community garden plot this year - this may be an option.  Right now there are a handful of Canadians signed up (mostly gardeners) but if it was better promoted this would be a great tool to use in Ottawa!

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Cotton Clothing Price Tags to Rise

"Synthetic linings. Smaller buttons. Less Italian fabric. And yes, even more polyester. Unusually high cotton prices have apparel makers scrambling to keep down costs, but consumers be warned: cotton clothing will be getting more expensive... Cotton inventories had been low because of weak demand during the recession. This summer, new cotton crops were also depleted because of flooding in Pakistan and bad weather in China and India, all major


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Can We Design Cities For Happiness

The City of Bogota's (now past) Mayor thinks we can:

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Living City - A Critical Guide (CBC Documentary)

From the CBC Website:

What's wrong with Canada's cities? What's right? Award-winning urban

affairs columnist Christopher Hume takes a cross-country journey to

explore the sustainability, viability and liveability of Canada's

population centres.

Hume, a provocative urban critic and columnist for the Toronto Star,

highlights the projects and passionate people who will shape urban life

in Canada in the coming decade. But, travelling by train from… Continue

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Love the Indoor Gardening link

On the Main Page this week. LINK.

Here's another idea my friend sent me: Window Farms.

From their website:

WindowfarmsTM are vertical, hydroponic, modular, low-energy, high-yield edible window gardens built using low-impact or recycled local… Continue

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Story of Stuff - New Videos!

You've heard of the Story of Stuff I'm sure - it was released December 2007 and now has over 12,000,000 views!

Now there is the Story of Stuff Project which was created to leverage and extend the film’s impact. They amplify public discourse

on a series of environmental, social and economic concerns and

facilitate the growing Story of Stuff community’s involvement in

strategic efforts to build a more sustainable and just world.

They are now doing videos of… Continue

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Making It Happen

Found this through the Canadian Environmental Network:

Making It Happen Project: The Transition to a Sustainable…

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Vanier's Assumption Green school ground

Assumption Catholic School

236 Lévis Avenue, Ottawa (Vanier)

As a member of Full Circle I was notified that there will be a plant swap at this school on the weekend:

Saturday July 31st, 9:30 - 11:30 am

Thought this was interesting:

One of the reasons this location was chosen…

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Tamarack Institute's Community Survey

This survey may be of interest to Transition Town Ottawa members - providing a look at the Meaning of Community. There were close to 20 questions ranging from What does “belonging” mean to you? to What builds community for you? to What do people do when they experience fear as a community? and When do you most feel a sense of community? They are releasing the survey results one question at a time - check back on their website for further results in the upcoming…


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Great Sustainable Living Article in The Walrus

The New Grand Tour

Greetings from twenty-first-century Europe, where new ideas, new technologies, and better ways of living are flourishing

by Chris Turner…

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Earthship Design Home

This was in the Ottawa Citizen this weekend:

Earthship-dwellers are Buried in Debt.

The home that they built is incredible! Quite the sustainable lifestyle where they can even grow their own avocados, pineapples, bananas, etc. I hope the bank gives them more time to repay their mortgage.

Here is the link to the video:… Continue

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Two things to Share:

Stop (Plastic) Motion: Very inspirational and fun stop motion video made by Plastic Manners in Vancouver.

Clean Bin Project documentary film: "A competition where less is more" - Tour across Canada this Summer (possible opportunity for Transition Ottawa to host a screening?) - check out the…


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Climate Change as Cultural Change

Attended a tele-seminar last week featuring Thomas Homer-Dixon who was talking about "Communities, Chaos and Collaboration". Later was searching on his site and found this:

On June 8, 2009, Thomas Homer-Dixon gave a speech to a conference in Essen, Germany on "The Great Transformation: Climate Change as Cultural Change," in which he identified the cognitive, economic, political and normative components of the…

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