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Building Community Resilience Through Action

There are many aspects to consider in efforts towards 'building a better world'. This e-book / booklet is based from a course on activism I led in the fall of 2011, containing notes from discussions, different activities used in the course, and appendixes including ideas on creating positive and effective learning processes/environments.

There are four main sections to this guide:

  • Session-by-session overview and notes: What are we (individuall and collectively) trying to achieve, and what are key values in that process; what are characteristics of 'change activities that work'; key elements of community organizing; and ideas to consider about the nature of direct versus representive democracy, solidarity versus charity, and the principles of anti-oppression.
  • Appendixes: Characteristics of positive learning environments and the nature of education; case study on independent media organizing; review of a key resource book, "Community Organizing: A holistic approach."
  • Reference list: Links to websites/articles, videos, books and podcast referenced in the course.
  • About the course: Some notes about putting on the course and what it's purpose is.

The ebook/booklet is availabe in three versions (all PDF):


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