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Are you a member of Mountain Equipment Coop? (re: BoD elections)

Someone I've worked with on various issues is running for the board of directors of MEC.


His name is Dru Oja Jay, I encourage you to vote for him if you are a member.


You can check out his ideas and qualifications for the position at


He's been working with the Dominion Paper and Media Co-op for a while now and they definitely do good things - the most recent is a special issue of the Dominion on Climate Justice which is just starting to get distributed across Canada. They also focus on supporting the efforts of coops across Canada.


He says he probably needs about 10,000 votes to get elected. Every vote counts, and everyone who can help spread the word counts too ... I think he could have a really positive influence on the influential organization that MEC is, so please check it out



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