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The November 15 Environment Committee meeting at City Hall will receive three Plans coming out of the Choosing Our Future process.

One of these Plans is said to include the community greenhouse gas reduction targets for Ottawa.

Ottawans concerned about climate change should tell their Councillor that they know these are coming and that they're hoping for strong targets.

I've prepared a backgrounder on this that includes

  • More details
  • City Councillor contact info
  • Sample text if you want to write your Councillor
  • A mini-poster that can be printed and pinned up at your local community billboard

Find that here

Please tell a friend. Please be respectful when writing.

The website also has twitter and facebook links if you care to help spread the word.

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Comment by Janet D on November 14, 2011 at 7:47am

Hi Charles,

I don't see my comment. I have grave concerns that in the hype about climate change, there is no discussion of the geoengineering or climate remediation, which is being presented as the only option to save the planet; that and taxing us still further by imposing a carbon tax. If the planes now geoengineering the atmosphere, spraying us with nano-particles such as aluminum, barium and polymers were to stop, this would allow the atmoslphere to release the build up of gases. The planes and their emissions, as well as the substances they are spraying are wrecking havoc on the environment and on people's health.

Please see, as well as for a primer on these issues.

There is a concerted effort by the media and people who are in positions to profit by this spraying to keep us in the dark. We need to speak out.

Janet D.

Comment by Charles Hodgson on November 9, 2011 at 1:54pm

The agenda for the November 15 Environment Committee meeting has been posted and shows that this topic has been delayed. I spoke with city staff and was assured that it will be brought forward in the next Environment Committee meeting.

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