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Building Community Resilience Through Action

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Have a desire to advance sustainability, community resiliency, and social well-being in Ottawa?
Want to inspire individuals and organizations to collaborate in taking actions that build sustainable and resilient communities?

Transition Ottawa is looking for people to join its steering committee who are interested in shaping the organization and willing to contribute a bit of time to make it happen.

The steering committee will help raise awareness of the Transition movement, facilitate the projects of the various Transition Ottawa working groups, and plan collaborations and partnerships with other local groups, businesses and act as a liaison to local government.

Most importantly we strive to have fun in the process, proving that doing the right thing can be an enjoyable experience.!

Let’s reform and reimage what Transition Ottawa can be together! If you are interested in possibly joining the Steering Committee and/or to simply help create a vision of what Transition Ottawa can be, please email or offer your comments or suggestions to this post.  

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