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Need another reason to question oil addiction? Poison Fire - a documentary on gas flaring in the Niger delta.

This film moved me greatly with the stark images of uncompensated devastation wrought on the land, villages and people of the delta, largely by Shell Oil; and with the intelligent perspectives, authentic reactions and overly-patient activism of local people.

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Comment by Alastaire Mary Henderson on January 23, 2010 at 5:37pm
I just read "Saboteurs" by Andrew Nikiforuk, about the series of vandalisms of "sour gas" (containing hydrogen sulphide) wells in the Peace District. Wiebo Ludwig went to jail for some of them. His unsuccessful fight against Big Oil and the Alberta government to stop the flaring, and the effects of this highly poisonous gas on his livestock and his family-- deaths, abortions and still-births -- are shocking.

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