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Permaculture Events & Transition Perth

If you're up for a visit to Perth, Ontario (less than an hour from Ottawa by car), we invite you to come check out a couple of Permaculture events and meet your neighbours at Transition Perth!

As part of the 2nd Annual Transition Perth Veggie Garden Tour on Saturday, August 11, visit a garden in year 2 of a permaculture design.  Hear about the permaculture design for this semi-urban 1/5 acre of land in Perth, which includes veggie gardens and the beginnings of a small food forest. This is the home garden of Sebastien and Bonita, who teach with the Permaculture Institute of Eastern Ontario.

If you're curious about permaculture, we also invite you to join us for the "What is Permaculture?" slideshow in Perth on July 11. This is a great opportunity to learn about permaculture principles and design. Hope to see you :)

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