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Speak out against Enbridge tar sands pipeline in Canada

Enbridge is proposing a pipeline that would carry more than half a million barrels of crude oil daily from the tar sands to Kitimak on the coast of BC. 80% of the BC population is against this pipeline, including over 60 First Nations.


The pipeline would be a channel for Canada to export oil to China, calling for massive expansion of the already colossal tarsands, and risking spills throughout the pristine BC landscape. An expansion would mean more polluted water, air and land, resulting in an increase of sickness and health problems for the First Nations who depend on the land for their survival.


This is where you come in.


Environmental Defence is calling on Canadians to voice their opposition before the National Energy Board's Joint Review Panel. Deadline for registration is Oct 6 - in 2 days. It's time for Canada to create renewable energy, not exploit the land and people in Alberta and BC.


Join me in speaking out:

Register Now: Speak Out on Enbridge Tar Sands Pipeline



Additional info on the pipeline:

Hundreds Protest Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline in Kitimak, BC

RBC takes a step away from tar sands

Pipe Up Against Enbridge


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