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Members of Transition Ottawa (TO) met on July 24, 2012 to talk about what Transition Ottawa’s main role in the community should be and the direction the organization should take going forward. Transition Ottawa has been without a Steering Group for more than a year, but there is renewed enthusiasm and commitment from several TO members to get things back on track. Several members of Transition Ottawa’s former steering committee were in attendance to give an update on the history of the organization, what has been accomplished, and what some of the difficulties were.


The group determined that the main role of Transition Ottawa should be to educate people about the concept of transition, work towards transitioning Ottawa (including following the 12-step Energy Action Decent Plan), and raise awareness and the profile of transition-related projects in the community.


Transition Ottawa will act as a central voice for various transition-related projects, help recruit volunteers, share resources, and offer support on how groups can organize to be most effective. In return we ask that the various projects give voice to the concept of transition, the mission of TO, and, most importantly, encourage people to get involved in some way. The projects allow participants to pick an area they are personally passionate about knowing that they are still part of the bigger process and feel they are contributing.


It is important to note that the Transition Ottawa does not wish to be top-down model where we intend to tell projects or individuals what to do! The relationship will be a reciprocal, non-hierarchal, and in the spirit of mutual support. 


However, if Transition Ottawa is going to continue and evolve into a vibrant organization, it needs some strong, creative hands on the helm. Under the right guidance, the initiative has enormous potential to become a significant local force for sustainability. Indeed, with more than 520 members registered on the web site there is plenty of interest!


Let’s reform and reimage what Transition Ottawa can be together! If you are interested in possibly joining the Steering Committee and/or to simply help create a vision of what Transition Ottawa can be, please email or offer your comments or suggestions to this post.  And be sure to attend the next (August 28) Transition Ottawa Meet Up to add your voice to the discussion. Meet Up details will be posted shortly in the events section.  

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