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At 1:00pm on April 12, 2015, Bruno Serra said…

Hello Dear,

How is everything with you,I picked interest on you after going through your short profile,I have something very vital to disclose to you,but I found it difficult to express myself here,since it's a public site.Could you please get back to me on( the full details.

Have a nice day.

Bruno Serra.

At 10:39am on January 15, 2015, Suzanne Hale said…

HI Kaia,

Thanks for the message. I have forgotten about ULAb. How goes it? 

At 9:58pm on March 11, 2012, Ginnig Wong said…

Great to be on board!

I have to say living in Centretown is the way to go!

So in the last week, my group "Pick Share Ottawa" has been put on a shelf but the good news is the common goal still lives on - just under a different name and I will be a part of that organization.  Will it still be possible to be invited to the events you mentioned?

An architectural technologist drafts and coordinates different disciplines in order to create tender documents for clients and contractors.  I enjoy it very much and I feel very lucky that I can say this.

Thanks for the reply Kaia!


At 8:00pm on March 19, 2011, Krista H said…

Hi Kaia! I hope all is well. It seems I have missed your workshop on how to grow vegetables in containers (i.e. I want to learn how to green my back deck). I'm not sure how I overlooked the date. Any chance you will be holding something like this in the future -- at a beginner's level? Just curious. Thank-you! Krista

At 10:44pm on March 2, 2011, Chris Bisson said…

I am really fascinated with the connections between labour organizing and permaculture. There seems to be a natural fit when considering the similar semi-autonomous tendencies between radical ecology and anarcho-syndicalism. There has been a movement afoot - mostly in Europe of "ecosyndicalists" (though I think they are more about luddite pre-industrial technologies). I like this word and I have been working on ideas of incorporating such ideas into permaculture design and movements. A lot of this stems from my reading of Murray Bookchin, and practice of urban gardening.

At any rate, this all fits into the speakers panel on liberation permaculture I was talking about. These are sort of my ideas; community/workplace organizing towards free-mutually provisioned permaculture cities.

Utopic? What ever. Lets give it a shot.

At 7:13am on March 2, 2011, Chris Bisson said…

Hey Kaia,

Great to see you again. How is yoga going this year?

I actually joined transition towns because I am currently organizing a liberation permaculture speakers panel with the Permaculture Project Ottawa (PPO) and Common Cause Ontario and looking for further collaboration.

With my background in Common Cause, I think I can contribute best in terms of linking anti-poverty/labour organizing with issues of ecological transition. I would be interested in seeing how I can bridge the transition town-ecosyndicalist divide.

At 9:22pm on August 25, 2010, Patrick M. Pilon said…
Sure I would be interested. However, I need to know a little more about this community (Transition Ottawa), in order to get good sense of the values shared in the movement. So, I would love to learn more and get myself implicated and some the activities before having to play a key role. And yes, if I feel right in this group, I will gladly undertake presentation/discussion with my fellow students of the University of Ottawa.
At 7:13pm on August 16, 2010, Andrea Flowers said…
Thanks so much for the invite, Kaia. I will be leaving Sun. Aug. 20 for a two week vacation, but I look forward to connected after Sept. 7th.
Warm regards,
At 8:52am on July 15, 2010, brian timbs said…
The edamame beans are not sterile and can be used as seed. In fact I have calculated what I need in seed and will leave that much in the ground for seed until late fall. I have 3 LARGE gardens (60 feet by 40 feet) and only 1 in test production this year...planted Buckwheat as a green manure in the others. I can easily increase the size 10fold as I have 25 acres but I want something that is nature friendly and not opposed to have MANY smaller gardens nestled among the trees rather than 1 big ugly one. Thanks for the welcome
At 1:51pm on July 14, 2010, brian timbs said…
Kaia, I forgot to mention I built a new business model which I am about to launch.

An ECO audit company and the premise is that I come in and do a review of inputs and outputs of the company and show the company how to save money while reducing their impact on the planet with locally sourced products, less waste and scrap, alternative energies, etc etc.
At 1:31pm on July 14, 2010, brian timbs said…
Thanks Kaia !! I have lots of ideas on education. Currently growing the first commercial crop of edamame beans in the area (found a hybrid on the internet to grow in north america) ....organically ! I find people are interested in new things if you take the time to show them and get them involved !
At 10:28am on June 2, 2010, Jane Dawson said…
Hi Kaia,
Thanks for your welcoming comment. Would love to talk further about group facilitation. What kind of meeting space do you envision? I'd be very interested in exploring the possibility of a Sandy Hill group!
At 10:38am on May 27, 2010, Sierra Club Canada said…
Hi Kaia,

Thanks for the inviatation. We are not able to attend this meeting. However, I was wondering if you've been in touch with our Ottawa and Ontario chapters. Their contact info is below:

Sierra Club Ontario
Chapter Coordinator, Emma Cane

Sierra Club Ottawa


Robb Barnes
Communications Intern
Sierra Club Canada
At 1:06pm on May 21, 2010, Lori Hollohan said…
Hi Kaia,

I should be able to make this meeting. Let me know location details.

Thanks for organizing!

At 8:50am on April 12, 2010, Kathryn Ann minor said…
Hi Kaia, I am a member of the Vars Trails group. If you go to Groups you will see us listed there. We are part of a trail riding group called CEREC,(Club Equestre Ramsayville Equestrian Club.) We are in the process of developing multi use trails to connect the Ramsayville area with the LaRose Forest near Limoges. Vars is on the proposed route. The chairperson of the Vars Trails committee, Francine Portenier, is also a member of the Vars planning committee to develp Vars' Neighbourhood Plan. The trails concept is now part of their plan, and the hope is to develop interesting features to enhance the public's enjoyment of these green space areas. The village is interested in encorporating the ideas we are proposing to enhance the area and draw visitors, as well as providing the trails for public use. Kathy Minor
At 7:02am on March 13, 2010, J.P. Brichta said…
Hi Kaia, interesting idea. I assume it would be a single-seater with some additional space for cargo/groceries? I've seen models for a solar-powered bike, but never an enclosed model. By all means, send me the design jbrichta (at) uottawa (dot) ca

One cool thing I saw a little while ago was a way to convert a traditional diesel fuel tractor into a wood burning one. It's not a perfect solution (still need wood, still release GHGs), but apparently it's very straightforward. I could imagine designing these for a few of the more popular tractors models and selling/trading them as conversion kits.
At 10:11am on March 2, 2010, Lise Lillian Nickerson said…
Yes, I am interested to engage in creating an alternative economy in the Ottawa area. I am thinking that I would like to get together in circles to empower each other to let go of the fear that would hold us back from offering our talents and skills into community. There are so many ways that we can exchange our energies and beings that can contribute to creating a healthy, happy, holistic community. We need to start a directory of what we each have to share, not only professionally, but also creatively.
At 10:32am on February 8, 2010, Sierra Club Canada said…
Thanks for the invite. We are new to Transition Ottawa and still trying navigate how this all works.
Right now, we have one campaign centered around the Green Bin program and trying to improve Ottawa's waste diversion efforts (which also has an impact on GHG emissions).
At 6:51am on January 21, 2010, Katherine Willow said…
Dear Kaia,
Lovely to hear from you!
Something I've been wanting to suggest is to borrow some of the structure of the Damanhur community in Italy ( via Transition Ottawa to pull together the groups in the Ottawa valley who are working toward sustainability. They are 800+ and are having an amazing positive effect on their neighbours...
love you
Katherine Willow
At 11:52pm on January 20, 2010, Kaia Nightingale said…
Thanks, Robert,
We're all working together, each doing our part. In the case of going solar, it's good to have someone to provide discount PV panels - so thank you for this valuable service.

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